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Children's Art and the Baby

Posted by Sherry Gray on March 29, 2014 at 10:10 AM

This week we have framed much art generated by three children, in just about every way imaginable. Some were just framed with no mat, some already had construction paper mats which we left on, some were double matted. The trick to making a children’s gallery is not to make everything have the same mat/frame combination. Because children’s art is mostly vibrant pieces, I used a lot of vibrant metal frames called Vivids. Children seem drawn to these brightly colored frames just like they were drawn to bright colors when making their art. Let’s hope these babies are always drawn to the bright colors of life.




Speaking of babies, after I was grown and had moved to North Carolina (and had babies of my own), we drove down to Blairsville to attend a family reunion with Daddy. Before we got to the reunion, I told Daddy not to introduce me as the Baby (which I was called more often than not by the family since I was the youngest). And he didn’t. When Daddy introduced me the first time to someone I didn’t know, he said, “And this is Sherry. She’s the oldest.” I immediately stated I was not the oldest, I was the Baby. And Baby I stayed! Below is a picture of the Baby!



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